The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

June 17, 2009

Ask for His love.


Praise God for answering our prayers. All workers who were to be deported have had those decisions reversed. But we ask for prayers of protection as the authorities have shown their hand in identifying many workers. Also please pray for the secret believers who are being discipled by some of those caught up in this situation. God is Faithful and His hand has been very evident in all that has happened this last month.


Please pray that the teaching of our BMBs, both in group settings and in individual disciple-making relationships, will be exciting and effective in prompting growth.

Pray for the small number of believers in our land - that God would sustain them and cause them to grow in their faith. Pray for Him to bring brothers and sisters for them from amongst their own people. Pray for each one to desire to grow in Christ and to be diligent in their devotion to Christ. Pray for God's grace to abound in their lives.

Please pray for N, a middle-aged national lady who heard that her husband wants to marry a second wife (it is legal for a Muslim man to have up to 4 wives). N feels very sad and hopes it will not happen. Pray for her and others in the same situation who probably feel rejected, that they will experience God's love and acceptance for them.

A group of people have been kidnapped in a northern city. Three have been killed, while the whereabouts of the rest of the group is not known. Ask that the remainder will be kept safe and will be freed immediately. Ask that the Lord will comfort the family and friends of all those involved in this incident. Ask that the kidnappings in this country will stop.

Remember "Emma", (see Peaceful a local believer who seems once again more interested in God?s Word. She and her friends have had a hard time finding a time to meet for Bible Study. Please pray that God would remove all of the obstacles to regular study!


Janet first met Salaama in the elevator. They were heading up to the cafeteria at work. Janet greeted her warmly and Salaama answered shyly with wary eyes.

The next meeting was in the same place, but this time they were alone, so Janet asked her to lift her niqaab so that she could see her face. She complied and they became fast friends.

Now many lunchtimes they eat together and it was even more fun when it was discovered that Janet's new colleague Miriam knew Salaama from college. Happy chatter fills the days, on the phone, through a quick and humourous email, and quite often Janet comes back from an errand to find Salaama sitting at her desk and chatting with a colleague from Janet's phone. Male colleagues give the two ladies strange looks as they pass by, but they are too shy to interfere. Most of them are Indians, so the friends chat in Arabic about anything they so desire.

The other week, Janet told her the story of how she met her husband. 'How romantic!' Salaama was enchanted. Janet told her, 'God can do the same for you. Pray to Him, seek Him, ask for His love. I will pray for you as well.' The reply was immediate,"'Would you? No one has ever prayed for me before.' Please pray for Salaama as well.