The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Without hesitation


Thank the Lord for those who come throughout the year to encourage the workers here. Many face challenging situations, some lack regular fellowship with believers, others live in spiritually oppressive environments and all have left behind much at home to serve the Lord. Praise God for the light brought by these visitors to the field.


Pray for the students at a campus in our city who had an officially recognized group for over a year, but was denied renewal by a new administration who are fearful of supporting a Christian group in this Muslim context.

The Roman Catholic Church has had talks with the leadership one of the most strict nations of the AP to build churches there. Pray that the leadership will allow the building of churches in their nation.

In our country, there is only one functioning Protestant church. One bold brother has a vision for a place of Christian worship to be built in the capital where only the ruins remain of a church dating from before Pray for the spiritual ruins to be rebuilt as written in Isaiah 60:12 "Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations."

Please pray for workers as many go to their home countries for a summer break. Pray for refreshment, renewed vision and replenishing fellowship. Pray for those with deputation and speaking responsibilities and for those who need to keep or raise their financial support - that God would be very gracious and provide for them.

Pray for a mixed local-European family living in Europe who have divorced. Pray that the Lord would draw each one to know Christ personally.


A few weeks ago, Michel contacted our church by email, saying he was a Muslim who had been reading the Bible, and wanting to know God. I composed a response for the church to use, to which he replied with his phone number, and not long after called to make an appointment. My first hour with Michel (Muslim from outside of the AP) was one of the most encouraging hours I have had in decades. He had already read the first three gospels, some of them more than once. Like Philip to the eunuch in the chariot, I explained the meaning of what he had read, laying out the Good News of what God had done for us in Christ. Without any hesitation, Michel declared that he believed it. He had already thought through the matter of persecution, and was willing, even eager to face whatever the cost might be, convinced he had found the truth.

He has come to church with us several times, joined us for meals (he loves being around a family), and has come to our home several times for one on one Bible study and prayer. He has met most of our team and we've had great discussions about things like "Should I tell everyone right away?" I have not seen a hunger like his among a young or new believer for many years. He is already receiving threats and having conflict with co-workers and a girlfriend that he has broken up with over his faith.

Pray for Michel as he is in danger of losing his job over this. Pray for God's provision through this time and for harmony with his family. Pray for wisdom those who are discipling him.