The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

September 23, 2009

The whole family.


During the summer months, two new local followers of Christ from an Islamic background were baptized in our city. One is the sister of our most faithful brother in Christ with the same religious upbringing as his sister. Join the angels in heaven celebrating!


Pray for the work of Christian literature to impact our country; a country which prides itself on its high literacy level. Pray for Hunger for the Word of God.

The H1N1 virus and its death toll has led to the king ordering the postponement of the start of all schools for 3 weeks. The children have already a prolonged vacation period due to the Ramadan - most children had their last school day in June and have been at home for over 4 months. Pray for the youth. Pray that extreme Islamic teaching will not find listening ears among the bored youth. Pray they will find purpose in life in Christ alone.

Ask that businesses run by women will increase in our land, as there are many poor women who need a livelihood. Ask that believers will have integrity in the work place, so as to be a witness through their actions.

The Lord is using sports to impact people. Ask that those involved in reaching others through sports will be effective. Ask that kids will learn good sportsmanship, that those teaching them will be a good influence on them and that the kids will see how important they are to God.

Pray for those who are suffering - especially poor migrant workers (mainly South Asians). Pray for the Christians amongst these - that God would strengthen them to reach out to others, for God's daily provision, a spiritual strengthening, and a sense of Him being with them despite the hardships of manual labour in a desert climate.


As I sat and ate kanafa (sweets) with our kind and generous Arab neighbours, I asked them more about Ramadan and fasting. They shared the joy of Ramadan, of fasting as a family and the peace it brings them. They shared about visiting the mosque and the power of praying in community. I talked briefly about what Jesus taught about fasting in the New Testament. They then gave me an English translation of the Quran and book explaining Islam and World Peace. I had given them a Bible during a previous visit.

As I left these dear souls, I was aware that nothing but the power and revelation of Jesus Himself would be able to lead them to Himself. They are lost but do not know it. They are doing all they can to please Allah – sincerely and with devotion. Please pray with me that the One True God will make Himself known and bring the whole family to Himself (John 14:6).