The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

June 30, 2009

Who is God?


Praise God that one believer has managed to change jobs recently, an answer to our prayers. Ask for God's blessing in his work and relationships with colleagues. Pray for this believer to be encouraged in faith, drawn to the Word of God and to obedience to it, and know God's present help and provision in every situation.


Please pray that the teaching of our BMBs, both in group settings and in individual disciple-making relationships, will be exciting and effective in prompting growth.

Pray for creative ideas to reach the least-reached in the labor camps that are found in many parts of the city.

Ask that a radio broadcast that is being sent to here will be listened to by many people. The pastor who will be speaking is very famous in the Arab world. Ask that people will be have a favorable response to the words that they hear and that the speaker will speak words from God.

It has been three weeks since 9 people in a city to the north were kidnapped. The funerals of the three ladies have occurred, but the German family of 5 and the British man are still missing.

Pray that they will be found. Pray that, if they are still alive, that God is protecting them and meeting their needs. Pray for their families and friends during this tremendously hard time of waiting for news.

Recent protests in Iran create tensions among the Arabs especially the two main groups Sunni and Shia. Some wish the worst for Iran because it follows Shia Islam. Others will look at the protest with awe as some are brave to oppose a existing regime and they wonder if they would do the same. Some look across the Gulf in fear and wonder if a message will be send out that 'Muslims can stand up for their rights'. Pray to God that the outcome of the tensions in Iran will become a blessing for the Arabian Peninsula.


"Who is God?" Those were the first words Lily's mother-in-law said to me after the traditional greetings. We had quite an animated conversation during the next hour as Lily and her neighbor listened in, serving me breakfast and coffee throughout. Although I do not believe she is seeking, she was not antagonistic. She seemed somewhat interested in my answers, actually giving me a chance to respond to her questions. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit brought vocabulary to mind that I had not used in years. We parted on good terms and Lily's neighbor, Sunny, even invited me to visit her in her tent during Ramadan!

This was in contrast to a discussion I had had about a month earlier while visiting Lily. We have always found lots in common with regards to our priorities and societal values. However, I felt it was time to move on to deeper things. So, I mentioned a difference in our beliefs. I was not at all prepared for her response; it was as if all the teaching she has ever heard against Christianity was unleashed! I was shocked and tongue-tied. In the end, Lily said she had learned many of her objections from watching Didat's video. Lord willing, I will suggest we watch it or another video- together so that we can discuss the issues.