The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise God for Jimmy & Laura as they press on in their language study program. They have also been able to develop relationships with their neighbors which provide opportunities for them to practice their Arabic. Please pray that God will continue to loosen their tongues and open-up their ears as they learn this very challenging language.


Pray for nationals from our country who are studying abroad - pray that God would network them with believers and churches who would reach out to them and share the message of Jesus Christ with them by word and deed.

Pray for unity between the workers in our city.

Pray for Adel. In the past he heard the gospel from several sources, and was very open. However, during the last year, he has been absent from believers and went through a divorce. Just now we are beginning to see him again, and it may be his time to find the Savior.

Pray for Lydia, a local Arab woman, whose father is dying of cancer. Pray for God to use this to draw her to Himself.

Pray for wisdom for fellowship leaders as they seek to build up local believers in our city.


Many times, in our urgency to tell the good news to others, we forget about our own needs. Sometimes we need our own faith to be increased. We pray often, but do not always see the results of our prayers and that can be discouraging. Yesterday, a group of us were praying, as we often do, and we asked for rain. The farmers in our country have planted wheat seeds but the April rains have not come to water them. The farmers could lose the much needed crop.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a down pour, a real "gully wash". The streets looked like rivers and hail even fell. We rejoiced and our faith, due to answered prayer, was strengthened. Pray that a "spiritual rain" will become a down pour and that there will be a great harvest.