The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

March 15, 2009

He watches me.


Praise God for Mohammed, a new believer in our country. He is being discipled and continues to grow strong. His father wants him to go to the States for a master's degree, then to return here. At the same time, Mohammed wonders how God will give him a believing wife. Pray for a future setting in which Mohammed will grow strong spiritually and become fit for God's choice of service for him. Also pray for other BMB's throughout the Gulf who have similar concerns.


For N, a local lady who is open minded and loves to watch films, especially cartoons and horror. She had a frightening dream which featured someone carrying her out of her room; as a result she no longer wanted to sleep in that room. She prays an Islamic prayer for forgiveness, to counter what she thinks is maybe punishment from Allah but says that these prayers don't help much. Pray that this dream will lead her to turn to Jesus in prayer.

Continue to pray for the people who were affected by flooding in an Arabian Peninsula country a few months back. Ask that the relief efforts will continue supported by development projects to help rebuild devasted communities.

Pray for those families with children that are approaching college or another transition that will move them out of their family's household and often country. Pray that there will be protection over these young people and their faith when the move and a time of sweetness with their families now before the transition.

Pray for opportunities for many Christians to share their faith in the lead-up to Easter. Pray that workers would have clear language skills and boldness in their sharing. Pray for the many Christians who are in the workplace and in the neighbourhoods, that local people would seek them out and ask them about their faith.

Pray for the many students who were reached by campus fellowship events early in the year. Pray that they would reconnect and get more deeply involved with campus ministry groups.


Just as the old hymn states, "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me"; a believer and his family experienced this last week. They faced an accident with damage to the house, but not to them. The father, who has been looking for work for many months, has been able to find a day laborer job every day for the past two weeks. Yes, life is hard, but God is providing. Ask that this family will be strengthened in their faith through these answers to prayer.