The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Walk by faith


Praise God for a conference in progress this week in Asia focused on the AP. Such events are an opportunity for profile raising and focus on the AP. Ask for the Lord’s blessing on this event, that people will be challenged to pray for and commit to long term service.


Pray for the friendship between two believing young women that began late last year in this locale. Pray that they would be able to support and encourage one another.

Please pray for a book that is being written by one of our long-time missionaries, about real-life stories of how God is working amongst the Muslims of the AP. (Of course names & small details are changed for security reasons.) Pray for the right publisher, and that the book will encourage believers everywhere about how God is answering the prayers of the Church worldwide on behalf of Arab Muslims.

A young MBB, Mohammed, has planned to join an American church's summer mission trip to a country outside this area. Pray for Mohammed's faith to become established and growing as a result of this venture.

Continue to remember those in the area who are in prison. Remember one young man who has been detained since May. Ask that his needs are being met and that the Lord is giving him strength and peace. Ask that he is able to be a witness to all those around him.

Please pray for God to connect the secret believers and seekers in our country with believers who can befriend and minister to them.


As a young couple prepares for an overseas move to the field later this year, they value prayer for all of the logistics as well as God's anointing to go before them into their language school and then place of service. As they walk through this time of new experiences and challenges, they have been given a new perspective on God's grace. In their words: "All of the physical stress, various emotional strains of moving, and a rough patch with our daughter's health that landed her in the ER (she's fine now), have left us desperate for rest yet working feverishly to get the ever-growing (pre-departure) "to do list" taken care of.

The fiery darts come almost weekly, yet weekly we see tangible examples of God's gracious provisions as we struggle to walk by faith. There are three thoughts that we dwell on that greatly encourage us: 1) Jesus is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering--the worship of the nations. 2) It's not a sacrifice. No amount of physical or emotional pain or inconvenience on this earth can be compared to the price that Jesus paid to afford us our future Hope-- life with Him forever. 3) Things really are moving along. Despite times of discouragement, we can see God's faithfulness in providing peace when in doubt, strength when weak, and grace always!"