The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

November 11

Urgent Prayer


Thank God for the rains that we have had recently. Rain is always needed here. Tragically we also had major flooding in the eastern part of the country, resulting in houses being severely damaged and over 50 losing their lives. Pray for the relief efforts that are underway to help those who are homeless. Ask that the materials and foods will reach them soon as roads have also been washed away in the flooding.


Pray that the local Muslim population in our country would have a revelation of Jesus' sacrifice for them.

This week a new female believer started studying the Bible with one of the workers. Please pray for that she would draw close to Jesus and that He would meet her.

A national brother in the Lord, who has been declared guilty as a scapegoat for another's crime is to have a further trial this Tuesday, November 11. A sentence will likely be given then. Please pray that he will soon be released to his family.

The price of oil is now almost half what it was 6 months ago, along with the global credit crisis, the Arabian Peninsula's greatest source of revenue has declined as quickly as it rose. Ask the Lord to use this to expose the folly of building one's house on the sand, and let His word speak powerfully to the rich local families.

Do remember university students in our country (and all around the AP), many of whom are curious about other beliefs. Ask that these will have the chance to hear about the Savior.


Phillip reports, "Many of my Muslim friends and students took a keen interest in the election in America. After the announcement was made that Mr. Obama had won, I received many emails, phone calls and face to face congratulations on the new president of America. I felt the Lord gave me multiple open doors to share God's heart about nations and people following Him and the responsibility of rulers & leaders to be men of God. The election opened up opportunities for spiritual conversations that I didn't expect. Praise the Lord!"