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Hunger to know the truth: A Gulf woman asks God to reveal himself.

A missionary living in the Gulf aks us to pray for her, and her friend: A heavy burden has been weighing on my heart for some time. I felt the Lord preparing me for something, as I felt very aware of my sinfulness, my need to repent and a need to deal with lesser issues in my life. The past weeks have been intense times of fasting, prayer and listening to God's voice in my heart.

The time has come that I was being prepared for. We have Christian friends whose vision for this land/region I stand behind. We spent an evening with them and during the time together the Lord touched me deeply, and He led me to two Bible passages (Exod. 34.10 & Heb. 2.1) meant for my best Muslim friend. I had a strong impression that I should visit her at an unusual time of day, and share these Bible passages with her. She was deeply touched by the word of God and asked how she could be sure that my God (and my faith in Him) was the final truth. I answered that God himself could prove that to her through signs, miracles, and by his Spirit who can confirm the truth of Jesus' Lordship in our hearts and minds. She then challenged me to a "duel": on Friday we would each pray to God to reveal himself in our lives, with the following condition: when my God revealed himself to her, she would give him her life; but if Mohammed should appear to me, I would follow him!

I know how strange this all sounds. I changed the conditions, because she had expected me to pray to Mohammed, something I could not do. Without the preparation time that God led me through I would never have been able to take part in such a daring deal. During my visit I felt the Lord's presence strongly, and I knew that friends were praying for me!

We have a weekly prayer time which we invite Muslim friends to, so we can pray for them and read God's Word to them. I invited my friend to this and she decided to come. She strongly desires to see God and to live a life "on the right path". Please pray for protection,strength, faith and freedom for me and my friend. Pray for a life-changing encounter with the one, true God! Let us imagine dancing together with my friend in heaven! Nothing is impossible for Him! Please pray for Christians here to be examples of love, faith, hope and wisdom. Without these qualities we are nothing here. Thank you for praying for us.