The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

A harvest of truth


Thank the Father that a seeker and a national believer have been sharing fellowship. The seeker, a man who claims he is an atheist, has been given a book by this fellow national believer. Ask that this seed will fall on soil that is rich and ready to receive it. Ask that they will meet faithfully together. Praise God that the believer has also met someone who has believed for many years.


Please intercede for our Arab brothers and sisters in Christ during the coming month of Ramadan. For those in the Gulf whose very belief in Christ makes them so vulnerable, ask God to sustain them through this month when family and social pressures to conform are so very strong. Ask for strength of resolve to follow Him, protection from those who may wish to expose their faith, and wisdom as they face the many challenges of this month.

Pray for opportunities to connect with Nathan beyond the grand opening of his business. Nathan is a neighbor met through the car accident involving a team member's van behind their house.

Pray for recruitment for the coming year's Intern Training Program. There are four graduates who have come through the ministry here that it is hoped will join. Pray for permission from their families to join and for the staff from the other countries in the region to recruit strong candidates.

Please remember two men in a southern city who are seeking the truth. They have many needs in their families. Ask that the person meeting with them will be wise in helping them with their questions and also have discernment in how to help them with the other issues they face.

Pray for tentmakers who are returning from summer breaks - pray for the re-formation of fellowship and for those in teams, a vision for the year ahead. Also pray for a vitality and keenness in their spiritual walks with God and a passion for the lost.


Alison is a tentmaker who works a regular job and prays that the Lord will open doors into her local colleague's lives. Recently in the office, she and another teacher, Emily, were sitting around chatting. As the conversation progressed, it became a far more serious discussion. Emily began to share about the death of her mother. It was amazing to see how she opened up with such trust to divulge deep parts of her heart.

As Alison listened to Emily, she was able to explain how God had comforted her during times of trouble. To her amazement, this lead to an impromptu Bible study! God had opened another door for the truth.

Praise God for the thrill of being part of His kingdom work. Ask God to reap a harvest of truth that leads to salvation in Emily's life.