The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

October 6, 2009



Praise God that there seem to be more and more job-openings for Christians to come and work in this vast land. Pray that this country will be filled with more devoted Christians so they may shine The Light to the people around them.


Pray that Jimmy & Leoni will shine for Him in their neighbourhood and He will be seen in them as they build friendships with the people around them.

The locals here are friendly and hospitable but restrained. They consider it impolite to discuss religious questions, making it difficult to have deep conversations with them. This may also be a result of having been persecuted by other 'branches' of Islam. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open hearts for conversation.

Local nurses feel belittled and their task of serving is not considered a ‘real’ job. Serving is to be done by servants and in newspapers, advertisements for nurses are many times mentioned in one breath with housemaids and cleaners. A low percentage of nursing jobs are taken by locals, the rest by foreign workers. Pray that local nurses will become aware of Jesus call to serve and that they will be interested in Him because of this. Pray that Christian nurses will be willing to come and serve Jesus in this place.

Please lift up a young woman. She has daily contact with believers, and has heard the Story and other Scriptural truths. Recently, she and a believer discussed the message of the story of Jonah - the Father caring for ALL peoples and longing to show mercy to them. Ask the Father that this young woman would have ears that hear and that she would understand that the Father desires to include her in His sheepfold. Ask also for opportunities for the believers to share with her. Remember the Word that departs does not return empty. Is. 55:10-11

Pray for Arab Christians to be bold in their witness of Jesus in our land and that their lives would reflect a Christ to the people they live amongst.


Abdo came to a fellowship group of local followers of Christ from islamic backgrounds several years ago with new faith in Christ. Having a vivacious personality, it was easy to appear committed to his new faith. However, time revealed that his promiscuous lifestyle continued, and was hidden from other believers. After some years, the pressures of marriage and unfaithfulness came down on his head, and brought about much repentance. He became transparent about his sin, and revealed his deep spiritual neediness, a trait mostly foreign to this culture.

Other difficulties came. There was death in his family. Then, he was framed in a work-related incident and imprisoned. In prison, he seemed to have a fresh grace, knowing that he was innocent this time, and grew in his dependence on the Lord. Although the legal workings of the case continue, he is now out on bail, and able to care for his family. Pray for justice to be done in the case, and also for direction and provision of new employment.

God has a special way of shaping each of His children. Abdo has grown in boldness and discernment. While out of prison this summer, he had the privilege of leading another local to Christ.