The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

August 20, 2009

May God touch his heart.


Praise to God for a recent conference where we heard from the different parts of the Gulf about their efforts in discipleship. We give our thanks to God and our appreciation for the PTAP prayer warriors. We are thankful that God is answering their prayers!


We live in a gigantic apartment complex full of folk from all over the world. My wife meets lots of ladies when she takes the kids outside. Pray that we will be salt and light to those in our complex.

Continue to ask the Father to help the young believers who want to marry likeminded people. Ask that families will not force them to marry people whom they do not want to marry.

Pray for new families who hope to come and serve here by the end of the summer. Pray for God to open doors wide for them - for processing of visas for jobs, for provision of all of their needs and for God to place them where He wants them here. Pray also for provision of housing wherever God wants them.

Some tentmakers have been using the summer months to attend institutes to strengthen their abilities in Arabic. Pray that these efforts will prove to be highly productive for His kingdom.

Many of the local believers are struggling as most of the workers are out of town during the month of August. Pray that would seek God more on their own and He would meet them.

There is a type of darkness that surrounds Ramadan which makes it difficult for workers in various ways. Please pray for protection from evil and a renewed sense of hope in the Lord.


When he took me to a place in his pickup, we chatted for a minute in Arabic. It was the first time that we met and, as usual, the second question he asked me was if I am a Muslim. "Praise God!" I answered, "I am a follower of Christ". We discussed sin, grace, righteousness and the "easy forgiveness" that Islam offers. It was a good time but only if God touches his heart he will have understanding. Pray that God will touch him, move him and heal his spirit.