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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Melanie and Samantha : "I want Jesus!"

Melanie is one of Sincere's five children and has recently returned home from university studies abroad. Through Sincere's love, prayers and encouragement, Melanie began to seek after Jesus this past year in Australia, however, many spiritual strongholds were still in her heart.

After she arrived in the Arabian Peninsula, Joy and teammate Sharon had a prayer time with Melanie and a gifted local Filipino pastor. God led the pastor to confront some of the forces of darkness which have bound Melanie, and he spoke to her about God's acceptance and her security as a child of God.

Experiencing tremendous joy in her new freedom in Christ, Melanie started talking about it to her Muslim cousin, Samantha. Samantha had troubling issues of her own. She believed she was under a curse. "Could your friends pray for me too?" Samantha asked Melanie.

Driving over to Greg and Sharon's house together, Melanie shared with Samantha how she had become a believer. Samantha responded that she had always loved Christians too. Later, as Joy and Sharon shared about Jesus, His love and the power of forgiveness, Samantha just burst out, "I want Jesus!" What a beautiful beginning! Joy and Sharon were so thrilled.

Melanie, Samantha, and Sincere's other believing daughter have met together for the last several months to worship, pray and study the Word together. And Melanie and Samantha were baptized together last year!