The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

October 17

Solid Growth


Thank the Lord for conversations going on all over the country. One lady recently met with a group of women and their children and was able to share her News with them. A man met with 3 men and talked about Luke and what his book says. A lady met another lady who was interested in owning a Book and she gave one to her. Ask that these conversations, as well as others, will result in people believing.


Pray for two workers that are meeting with a believer, "Frances". "Frances" seems to be distracted by many issues as they struggle to study the Word of God with her. Please pray that God would give them wisdom as they try to encourage her to seek the Lord.

A tentmaker, "Dan", was recently attending his mission organization's conference in Thailand. While there, a candidate for the mission from the Southern Hemisphere, told Dan about a Gulf Arab friend who had come to Christ in his country, and now had returned to the Gulf state in which Dan was a missionary. Pray that the new BMB will contact Dan, and continue to grow in his faith.

One in our country recently commented that, "God tends to do amazing things in the hearts of our Muslim neighbors as Ramadan festivities end." Pray that this would happen for many people who have a heart for the local people and that many nationals would be drawn to Christ.

Pray for "Lydia" as she recently got divorced from her husband. She is just starting to deal with the repercussions of it with both her family and her daughter. Pray that Jesus will show Himself during this painful process.

At a campus outreach, another intern is teaming up with former interns to rejuvenate the ministry there. They're empowering the students to lead Bible study/community groups on their campuses. We've seen that the best person to reach a student for Christ is another student. Please pray for much fruit.


Abu Mohammed recently came to our weekly Bible study for BMB's (see note below). He is a 60 year old new believer from an outlying area in our country, who had learned much of Jesus just by watching Christian satellite TV. A Christian Bangladeshi knew Abu Mohammed, and the two started studying the Bible together. When the Bangladeshi was to return to his country, he met another new national believer at the expatriate church, who recently started attending our weekly Bible study, and consequently brought him to join us. Abu Mohammed is marking his Bible and asking questions. Pray for his solid growth.

NB: BMB = Believer (in Jesus) from a Muslim Background