The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

September 23, 2009

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Praise for the new workers who have come, got visas, found places to live and who have begun their life and ministry here in our needy country. Pray for God's blessing on new friendships and their whole life and witness here.


For many years, the one thing that many people and nations have wanted, is peace. Songs, both religious and secular, have been written about peace. This country, for the past few years, has been disrupted by internal strife. Presently, there is much fighting going on in the north. Please beseech the Prince of Peace to bring peace and tranquillity to this country, so that it can prosper economically and have a more stable government. In the meantime, ask the Father that during this time of strife, the hearts of the people would turn to Him, and that they would receive the peace that passes understanding.

In a time of reflection and adjustment, tentmakers in our country are going diverse directions in ministry (be it with good will toward one another). Jobs, families, language studies, and relationships call each to trim their activities to what is deemed most vital. Pray that they will find the avenues to bond together in fellowship and in common strategies that reflect God's will.

Pray for valuable times with the few local believers in our land - gifting for those involved with them, direction in mentoring and discipling, for God to bring situations to strengthen their faith and for an increasing knowledge of Him in the coming months.

Continue to pray for students seeking recognition for the campus fellowship. Pray that those responsible will allow the Christian students to meet formally and be recognized as a group.

Pray for unity among the Christians in this country, like Jesus prayed, so that we can be a witness for Him.


During Ramadan this year, two young women visited a friend and broke the fast with her and her female relatives. One young woman communicated effectively with the family while the other listened and practiced the new words she is studying in her Arabic studies. The family was very open and warm with the young women. At the prayer hour, the women of the house gathered together, robed themselves appropriately, pulled out their prayer rugs and began to pray.

The two young women watched as their friends bowed on their knees, faces to the floor, earnestly praying the rote prayers that they had been taught. Please pray for this family, that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to the truth, driving them to their knees in worship and love for God with whom we can have a relationship, through Christ. Pray that the two young women would continue to develop a solid relationship with the family and have opportunities to share the Story with them.