The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

November 25



Thank God for the meeting of the Pope and the King of our country earlier this month. During discussions, a common desire was shared for "collaboration between Christians, Muslims and Jews for promoting peace". May this open the door through which the Peace of God will descend upon this nation.


Continue to pray for the families who were affected by the flooding in the eastern part of our country. Aid money is available and it seems that supplies are being bought for the victims. Ask that the money and supplies will go to the people who need it and that there will be no corruption of funds going to 'middle men'.

The handful of BMB men in our country had been bonding well, as they gathered daily at the home of "Abu". However, in recent weeks, Abu has been in prison for false charges. Pray that the men who found a regular venue with Abu will continue in fellowship with one another.

Please pray for Latifa, who is eager to understand the context and reason why Jesus died. She allowed her children, today, to read the Bible story of Jonah and has so many questions. Latifa is the wife Mutaawah and has many brothers and cousins who are extremely conservative. She is open to hearing, but we pray that it is at a heart level that she wants to learn; please pray that Jesus will meet with her in a dream or vision.

Pray that the influence of violent groups operating in neighboring countries will not spread to our country. (2 Timothy 2:24-26)

Football (Soccer) is the one sport which seems to command the greatest attention in the Arabian Peninsula. Ask the Lord to raise up Christian coaches and players to shine Christ's light as they participate in the game here.


When Gene and Grace moved into their new apartment, they prayed that locals would be living next door. This unlikely prayer was answered instantly when Grace met Haleema. It is unusual for a national to live in an apartment as they normally live with their extended family even after their marriage.

In the weeks and months, Haleema and Grace became friends. Regularly customary dishes of food were exchanged along with regular visits to Haleema's apartment. Through all this time, the burning passion on Grace's heart was to share the gospel with her new friend and open the way of salvation.

So Grace began to pray and search for opportunities to share. She would drop "hooks" into conversation and gave her a copy of the Jesus film. Haleema showed a little interest in spiritual things every now and then. Then great encouragement came one day during a visit, when a Christian satellite channel was playing in her living room. She took the chance and inquired if Haleema had viewed the Jesus film. Haleema remarked "Yes, it is a famous story you know". As her boldness rose, Grace asked, "Do you believe it is true?" She replied, "Yes, I do".

Pray that the Lord will grow this faith that was confessed and remove any obstacles for Haleema following the way of salvation in Christ