The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

A harvest of truth


Praise God for those who have returned to the AP refreshed from vacations and breaks in their home countries.


Pray for a worker who is facing some work challenges with his new job. Pray for wisdom as he represents Jesus at work.

Ask that the LORD Jesus Himself would appear to men and women in dreams this month of Ramadan. It is happening all over the world, and please pray especially for this to happen in the AP countries this Ramadan.

Continue to pray for those who are detained here, for their faith. We know of one by name and have asked you to remember him in the past. Please continue to pray for him. International news reports have said that others are being held as well, but we do not know who they are or if this information is accurate. The Lord is near all who are suffering for his name. Pray for all who are being held. Ask that all will have their needs met, that they will be kept safe from harm and that they will have tremendous peace in the situations that they are in. Ask that they will share the Good News with their guards.

Remember Linda, the friend of a tentmaker who immigrated to the West. Pray that she will experience the wonder and joy of truly getting to know the Lord.

Pray for a worker as he continues counseling Jim in his new marriage. Pray that workers will be able to develop a strong friendship with Faith, Jim's new wife.


Khalid and Fatima were enjoying their holiday in a beautiful western city far from their homeland on the AP. Their day had been tiring and they pulled up beside the road in their car to take a nap. When they woke in the late afternoon, they noticed something interesting nearby which attracted their attention and decided to take a closer look.

When they got closer, they discovered it was an international book fair and as they approached the venue, they were greeted and invited in by a Christian. After completing a tour and browsing through the books at this Christian project, they sat down with one of the staff, John to share a coffee. Before too long, Khalid, dressed in western clothes but speaking with a thick Gulf accent said, "We have been in this country for more than one year studying, and nobody has explained to us about Christianity". Then he asked, "Could you explain to me what it is all about…?" What followed was a detailed and intense discussion about the gospel of Christ and how it compared to the Qu’ran.

God had directed the steps (and the sleep) of Khalid and Fatima so that they could hear the gospel for the first time! Pray that the seeds of truth that were sown will take root and grow, so that both they and their extended family will find faith in the Lord Jesus.