The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

May 25, 2009

Repeat and Accept.


Praise God! There were 38 delegates who attended the North American AP Conference. Many of these delegates were the leaders of the various Canadian and US agencies. It was a great time to be able to introduce God's work in the region. Most of our time was also spent praying for the people and workers in the region and strategizing about how to better partner North America and its resources with the AP.


There has been some unrest between the North and the South. Ask that the government and those who they differ with are able to talk through problems peacefully. Ask that the task force selected to solve this conflict will have wisdom and discernment.

A bit of football in the park led to a talk with one of the bystanders who later came to visit with his family. Would you please pray that God will work in his conscience? He seems religious, happy and satisfied and has no interest to talk about it at this point. God brought them in our lives as he does with many others. Pray that we and colleagues in the region will be able to recognize our role in the life of the people God brings us in contact with.

The small body of followers of Christ from an Islamic background in our country are considering how they can develop into a church which is culturally friendly in order to reproduce whilst staying Biblically strong. Pray for God's wisdom to lead to specific principles and practices. Pray for unity among the believers in these decisions.

Pray for various workers as they finish their time here. For God’s provision for the future, for a chance to 'leave well' in terms of saying goodbyes to local people they have related to. Please pray for the children that God’s grace would be upon them as they make these moves to new places.

Pray for a local man here who has had a LOT of input, even doing a Bible survey study with a worker here. He regressed deeper into Islam when he became frightened by inconsistencies in its teaching! After having a dream, he sought out the worker he formerly had contact with and they are renewing their relationship. Please pray for the salvation of the man and his whole house.


She is an old woman who has recently lost her son to illness. Two foreign ladies walked into her neighbourhood and someone told them that the household was in mourning. They were invited into the humble house and sat with the women. The two foreigners told them the story of Isa's power, how he raised people from the dead. Once he raised his friend Lazarus. Another time, he brought to life a young girl. The ladies listened with interest. Several weeks later, the two ladies were invited to sit again with the old woman, her daughters and her daughters-in-law. As she heard the gospel, the old lady repeated it word for word to the younger ladies, not giving arguments against it, just telling the story. Ask that these women will one day believe what they heard. Ask that they will repeat it to their neighbours and that all will accept the message.