The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

October 9

The Real Jesus


Praise God for the news that has reached the ears of a tentmaker that two national ladies returned to our country from the USA, having become believers in Jesus. Pray that they will come into contact with a worker who can disciple them and bring them into fellowship.


As Ramadan (month of fasting) ends and people begin to make plans to go on the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, ask that the Lord will speak to them in visions, dreams, through the written Word and through hearing the Word. Ask that families will listen to radio programs or see TV shows about the Savior.

Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to bring in His harvest this year. Pray for new brothers and sisters for those who have believed in Him. Pray for fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to enter His kingdom. Ask God to send his Holy Spirit to open eyes and hearts to Him and to bring people gloriously into His kingdom.

As the financial world reels in the face of the meltdown of some major banks in the US and Europe, remember those involved in the finance industry across the GCC. The markets have also tumbled here bringing instability in the lives of the wealthy and not so wealthy who have invested in the local stock markets. Ask that Jesus, the Rock, will bring eternal stability in the lives and communities of those who have suffered losses here in the Gulf.

Pray for campus leadership to have strong vision and prayer support for their outreach especially in their country but also throughout the entire AP. Pray for open doors in individual lives and within campus organizations. Pray for favor toward those serving with school leadership.

Yemen's water table level is decreasing. In one town, it has dropped 40 meters in the last 5 years. Ask that something will be done to decrease this trend and to conserve water in the whole country. Ask that the "Living Water" will be shared across this whole nation.


During Ramadan (month of fasting), Allison spent a lot of time visiting the families of her Arab friends. She would generally go over for the evening meal to break their fast with them (called "iftar" in Arabic).

One night, she went to her good friend, "Amy's" house. They had a great time feasting on a giant spread of food. Afterwards, they together returned to Allison's house to put her son to bed, and then started to talk.

As the conversation went on, the topic turned to religion and faith. She was really curious about what Allison believes. They had had a lot of discussions before, but this time it was more specific. At one point, Amy asked about Jesus…… "Who do you think He is?" It was then that Allison explained what the Bible says about Jesus. She explained that Christians do actually believe that Jesus is God. It is a huge stumbling block to Muslim friends, but she was fairly open to the news. Amy commented that "It was hard for her to understand as she was raised to believe that He is merely a prophet."

Please pray that God will reveal all of who He is to Amy. Pray that she would see the REAL Jesus.