The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

October 20, 2009


This testimony was from a radio contact in our land..."I believe in Christ and have a copy of the Holy Bible. I am married and have four children, but don’t live with my parents as we had a conflict." Praise God that faith has come to this house, ask for the strength of faith to grow and for harmony in the extended family.


A follower of Christ from an islamic background in our country has already been in prison twice due to corruption charges in a government, document-related job. It seems to us that he is innocent, and that he is being used as a scape-goat. Now, another case is looming. Please pray that justice will quickly come to the surface, and that he and his family will be protected and provided for.

The schooling system is saturated with Islam. The children have history, but this is Islamic history. They have society subjects, but these instruct how to behave in a Islamic way. They read English texts and the content of it tells how to do e.g. the ritual washing before prayer. Pray that the students will be protected and not completely brainwashed through an overflow of information about the goodness regarding Islam and the badness about Christianity. Pray that they come to know that there are other opinions and ways of life.

Please pray for the final preparations for a strategic consultation which will take place within the next two weeks. Ask God for His favour with visas and in the administration running up to the event.

Pray for the various churches and fellowships - for God to strengthen Christians so that the life of Christ would overflow into the lives of the people around them. Pray for unity in fellowships and between the churches, for spiritual awakening, strength and vision for leaders and a powerful move of God in the lives of Christians.

Pray for the young men and women who believe the Truth in this country and want spouses who are like minded. Ask that their families will meet each other and arrange marriages among these young people, as is the custom.


I recently returned to the AP and sent my friends a text letting them know I was back. One lady was still out of the country and a couple others were busy preparing for Ramadan. However, one friend (mentioned for prayer in the past) wrote back saying she misses me very much and asked me to pray for her. So I prayed and replied by quoting Phil 4:6-7, which seemed to encourage her: "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You gladdened me very much. I am always with my Lord and think about how much He loves me."

Please pray for Cedra, since her husband forbids her to have contact with any of her friends. As far as I know, she still has a bilingual New Testament, but no human fellowship. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead her in all truth and that I will know if and when to contact/visit her.

P.S. I asked her about visiting during the Eid, but she said it would have to be sometime when her husband is gone. He has threatened to divorce her and send her back to her home country without her children.