The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

An offer to pray


Praise God for the great time a worker enjoyed with Nancy and the group of girls at a wedding reception. Pray that there will be ongoing connections with the “gang” and their closest friends from this group.


Remember short-term teams who are still visiting the AP during the summer. Please pray for protection, wisdom, and encouragement in their time here. Ask God to call some to come back for long term service.

Pray for many who are still displaced due to the fighting up north. Pray that the funds for food distribution for these needy people will continue to come in. Pray that the fighting will stop and that peaceful ways to resolve the conflict will come about.

Several new workers are coming to our country before the end of the summer. Pray for their quick adjustment to life here, and establishment of friendships leading to salvation in Christ.

Pray for a young family who are in need of financial help. Ask that the Father will provide for them in such a way, that they know that the help has come from Him.

Pray that God's Spirit would use tentmakers speaking in their home countries this summer to call forth additional workers for the Arabian Peninsula.


Gretta has worked alongside two dear young local Muslim ladies in her office for over 3 years. They know that she is a serious Christian and politely accept many offers of prayer without really showing real interest in spiritual things beyond their comfortable Islam.

Recently, one of the National Muslim men in the office had an illness in his family. This opened the door to ask if Gretta could pray for his family. He accepted this gesture.

The next day, they were all at the wedding celebration of the new wife of another National Muslim man. The party ended in the very early hours of the morning, so the young national girls complained that they would be tired the next day at work. They even discussed taking part of the day off to recover.

They asked Gretta for her opinion, and she said "…it didn't matter if they went in late or not because she would get up and pray with her husband, Simon, every day at 05:30 am." They were shocked! They asked how long she prayed with Simon, when Gretta replied “oh about 1 hour….” They were shocked again! They asked what could possibly take that long to pray about because they can complete their prayers (5 times per day) in about 4 - 6 minutes. She told them the time is spent praying for them, for their families, for the colleague with a sick relative and for wisdom for the ruler of their country, among other things.

Please join now with Simon and Gretta and pray that these dear national folk will grow closer to God. They were so interested that they requested copies of Arabic New Testaments and a DVD of the Jesus film. Ask that these resources and the growing friendship would be blessed by the Holy Spirit and that they would have a clear understanding of the Gospel and come to faith.