The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

August 27, 2009

The Patient.


Praise God that our teammate was able to give "Amy" a copy of the "Book". Pray that as she reads this, it would penetrate her heart and life. Pray for our team-mate as she continues to meet with Amy.


Please continue to pray for the local believers here - that God would sustain them during these summer months, that they would draw near to Him and be sustained by Him. Pray for a new freshness and desire to read the Word and to grow in prayer and devotion to Him.

Pray for the relationship between tentmakers and expatriate churches in the Gulf. Pray that they will serve to augment each others' ministries, and appreciate with understanding the differences in their roles.

Pray that local believers in the Gulf will not be extracted from their own cultures in their growth in Christ. Pray that they will be impressed by God’s Spirit to reach back to their own people with the love of Christ in ways that form no unnecessary cultural barriers.

Pray for thousands of youths looking for jobs now that their education is completed. The unemployment is already sky-high in our country and hopes to get jobs are low. "Wasta-use", a form of favouritism, is needed to get jobs. Those without this "Wasta", through family connections, are hopeless or are forced to accept jobs that they don't want. Some react with anger, blaming the society, the government, the foreign workers, blaming whatever they can think of... Pray that youth will realise meaning in life comes first and foremost from Jesus.

Most of our friends observe the Ramadan fast and also spend extended time in prayer. Pray that they would encounter Jesus during this month. Also, pray for opportunities for the workers as they share with their Arab friends.


A local man suffered a stroke several months ago. Emotionally he suffered, as his role of being the family provider was stripped from him. Several weeks ago, one of his wife's friends was able to find a physical therapist to come and work with him at home. This "PT" has been an encouragement to him and is also helping him regain the use of his affected side. Do ask for healing for the patient and that he will begin to understand the beliefs of the Christians who are helping him.