The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


A local believer, Samantha, is back studying the scriptures with some of the workers. Praise God for restoring her faith. Pray that she would grow strong.


Pray for God's Word to go out through internet sites and media, as well as personal contact with foreign believers in the country.

Please remember the worker who was told recently that his contract is not being renewed in June. Pray for God's favour toward him during his appeal process.

A number of our team mates are involved in teaching at the university. Al and Leah were able to host an Easter dinner for the Christian staff on their campus. Pat and Katherine have been able to develop significant relationships through their work in a neighboring city. Pray for the Lord's blessing on these people, that seeds of God’s Word will be planted in people’s lives as a result of their witness.

A couple of weeks ago some bombs were planted in various places where foreigners frequent in our country. No one was hurt but it seems the devices were planted to unsettle people. Ask that these plans will not suceed and that the people behind them will come to know the One who wants peace. Ask that these people will be caught before they can hurt anyone.

Pray for renewed motivation of workers in our country in the face of the spiritual complacency of the people. Pray for their insight with new questions and approaches in sharing the gospel, and for a genuine love for the people.


It was an unpleasant surprise for H, our believing local friend, when he had a stroke recently. Praise God that he has now fully recovered and for the positive effect that it has had on his life. Though he is still resting, spiritually he is on a total high. He is addicted to his bible, books and cd's. He includes all his 10 children in all his reading, listening and watching of the spiritual materials.

Though his wife is not yet a believer, up until now she has not given H any problem. After the miracle of H's healing, she seems open to the gospel, but not ready to commit. We are really trusting God for her to take the step toward her redemption. Please pray for H to continue to grow in his faith and for his wife to come to faith.