The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Two local believers have returned to Bible Study and fellowship in our city. Praise God!


Please remember a man in a city who has been detained for his faith. Ask that he be strong and that he will know that the Father is with him. Ask that his physical needs are being met. Also remember a couple who know him well, who are being watched by the authorities right now. Ask that they will be wise in their actions and not be afraid.

Please continue to pray for justice and peace to come about in the government of Kuwait. A fundamentalist candidate who was recently elected to the country's parliament, has been jailed for a month before taking office, in response to his verbal aspersions on a government minister.

Lift up the Muslim Background Believer in our country who is encountering much opposition in his business ventures. There have been legal and governmental distractions that have burdened this dear brother who wants so much to do things in a way that brings glory to God.

Please pray for workers who are leaving soon (mostly in June) for their home countries. Pray for provision of housing, cars etc, and for safety in travel as they visit family, friends and supporting churches. Pray for God to use them greatly to inspire others to serve God in this area of the world. Pray also for rest and relaxation and quality family time.

Pray for teams visiting for summer programs in our land. Ask God for special anointing on them and for God-given opportunities to meet local people and to pass on the Word of truth - through speech, acts of service, giving of The Word etc. May God use many ways and the whole diversity of people coming for His Glory. Pray that many would be challenged and touched during these weeks.


My husband and a friend were asked by another worker to visit an orphan teenage girl who seemed to be having demonic manifestations. The two went and prayed for her. She improved significantly enough for the family to request further prayer.

The other worker, my husband and I went back the next day. In the presence of the girl's sister and brother-in- law, and with the brother-in-law's clear encouragement, the girl gave her life to the Lord. She testified to "smoke" leaving her body from her head, her chest and her legs. Her whole face changed to a beaming smile. Please pray for the follow-up! It is interesting to note that this family has known Christians for 20+ years. The moral of the story: Never give up!