The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

February 21, 2009

More than a prophet.


Praise God for a growing encouragement and spiritual growth amongst some of the Christian youth here in answer to your prayers. Pray for God's protection as they grow in their faith, and that they would encourage the church, as well as reach those around them with the gospel.


As the local believers grow in depth and number, the responsibilities can become daunting. The tentmaker has to juggle family needs and activities with a secular job, preparing discipleship materials for new believers, networking in ministry, and on-going language learning. Pray for rest in the Lord in the midst of work, and a joyful focus on the roles God has given.

Continue to pray for Jason & Nancy, as we continue to deepen our relationship with them. Please pray for continued open doors to be able to share our faith to them through God's love, His Word, and through prayer.

Pray that the Lord would bless our country. Ask that He would send more workers and that He would make it secure for many to remain here long term.

Ask that the Lord will comfort those who lost houses and loved ones in a flood in Oct. Remember especially one man who is rebuilding his house, even though he was not given the funds that he thought he would get. Ask that the money sent to rebuild houses and roads will reach the people.

Pray for a number of workers who are passing through the Gulf in these months seeking guidance and, for some, seeking employment so that they can enter and serve God. Pray for God to open up opportunties, visas and jobs for His people to come and witness to His truth here.


"I drifted away from Islam because it just does not work for me," wrote a young national man to his friend in an email. "My family was concerned about my changing world views. I could not help it, but I just don't see things anymore the way they do. I am a modern man who watches the news and visits the internet. There is much more out there than just blind faith in the teachings of the imams. My family arranged a marriage for me to the daughter of a religious police, but she has a head of stone. Life became meaningless for me, because Islam does not have the answers I was looking for. It's empty and not relevant to my life."

On the internet he found a copy of the Arabic bible which he started to read in desperation.

"Now this makes sense to me. This Jesus is very different than the one I was told of in the mosque. He is much more than just a prophet..."