The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise God for the opportunity one of our workers has teaching in a local school immersed in opportunities to journey with nationals. Pray for peace and patience as she negotiates a challenging situation.


There are 5 university students who have just completed a two week project in our country. We believe that God is calling a number of them to serve here long term. Pray for them as they return home; that their encounter with Jesus in this culture will turn lives toward His purposes.

A follower of Christ from an Islamic background mentioned his concern that he knew of no Christian ladies among nationals in this country. So, who would he marry? Pray for more ladies to believe in Jesus.

Through the Internet, many Muslims are able to access Christian websites in their own language and engage in discussions through chat rooms. Pray that those who seek to know the Truth will be led to the right websites and for ways to do follow up on conversations that started in chat rooms.

Pray for the leadership of a key and leading expatriate fellowship in our commercial city. The leaders of both groups are Muslim Background Believers. Pray that God would intervene and bring about His purposes.

Not long ago, Mohammed professed faith in Jesus. After meeting a pastor visiting our country, Mohammed expressed a desire to join a short-term outreach from the pastor's church to another country this summer. Pray for God's guidance in this new believer's life, and for the pastor's wisdom in interacting with Mohammed.


Walking into the hospital, the entire family was gathered around Lydia's father, Abu Mohammed. For over a year now, he has been suffering with cancer and seems to be declining. Just a few days before, I had explained to Lydia how Jesus heals. I described to her how we would pray in Jesus' name and ask Him to heal. With the family's permission, we surrounded Abu Mohammed and the men laid their hands on him. Brendan began by reading the story of the woman who touched Jesus' cloak and was instantly healed. We explained how the same power is at work today.

It was moving to watch Abu Mohammed as he nodded in agreement while we prayed. The family seemed open to God's touch and a few of them even held their hands open towards God. For now, we wait upon God to heal both Abu Mohammed and more than that, move in the hearts of his loved ones. We wait for His kingdom to enter the brokenness of our world and make a change. We long for God to pursue our friends with His unrelenting love by bringing hope in a hopeless situation.