The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

A Light for Jesus


Thank the Lord for people in the US, Britain and Australia who are reaching out to Arabs and nationals of Arab descent who are living in these countries. Several churches are ministering to these people, being culturally sensitive to their needs. Some churches also have Arabic language services in their building, meeting the needs of those who do not know English well. Pray that more churches in these countries will help the Arabs who live near them, sharing the good news with them.


Pray for a local family in our city which some members are believers and some are not. Pray for the father (who is not a believer) and the wider family.

Pray for the budding Farsi speaking (Iranian) church in our country, especially for a strong leader to come, who will spur growth and unity.

In our country, many people listen to the radio. They can request the Bible through sending a letter or SMS message. Pray that those who are sincere will receive the Word and be changed through it.

This year's Intern Program came to a close recently. Please pray for Ryan as he is seeking to become the first full-time staff member in an AP country with over 500,000 university students. Pray for the interns from a country near us as they return home to encourage the underground groups and train leaders there.

While looking at a beautiful view where people go to picnic last week, we were able to talk to some girls about what we believe. They invited us to their home and this week, we went. We were warmly welcomed and the Good News was shared. Ask that the Father will continue to work in the hearts of the members of this family.


Last weekend we got together with some friends (who are also tentmakers) and drove up through the mountains. At the end of our journey, we got chatting together and catching up on how life was going; then one of our friends told us this encouraging story:

"...I met a local guy who knows Tim. Well, at least he's heard of him. When I mentioned that I had a friend in "Sandy Hill" he said, 'Oh, I know of that guy. He's the guy who walks around town talking to people.' He even knew something of Tim’s family and asked how his family are doing?"

Amazing, here we were 300km away from town and this guy has heard of Tim as 'the guy who talks to everyone'. You see, no Westerner does that! Yes, Tim knows the language, but he's also known as a friendly guy. Even my neighbors have said that Tim is so nice and 'says hi to everyone'. I'm convinced that just by being here and living amongst the people we can be a light for Jesus. Surely they can see a difference in our lives and that's what makes it all worth it. Here in this desolate area where we see so little fruit, it was good to hear that somebody is watching...