The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise the Lord! Ghazalah and her Muslim father attended a weekend counseling presentation by a godly man visiting our country. They enjoyed the session and felt curious with all the talk about Jesus.


Please continue to pray for nationals throughout the Arabian Peninsula to come to faith in the living God through Jesus Christ. Pray for God's Word to be spread through all ways and channels (word of mouth and witness, satellite TV, the Word being available, internet sites etc).


'Jason' and 'Nancy' have been friends with 'Jimmy'& his family in our city for some time now. Jimmy and his wife Lydia see themselves as tentmakers, and have been intentionally praying for opportunities to reach out to this couple. A couple of months back, Jason and Nancy decided to move to a new home. Such a time of transition is unsettling and not long after, they began to show interest in spiritual things. Jason verbalised this with Jimmy mentioning that they would like to get together to discuss deeper issues. Not long after this, Jimmy and Lydia invited them for dinner with prayerful expectancy. The following dinner party was a success. Jason & Nancy shared a warm and stimulating evening together with their friends. The clear highlight and answer to prayer, was an exciting spiritual discussion. God is moving in Jason and Nancy's lives as they probe with questions about the Lord Jesus and life in this world. Pray for this couple that they will find "The Answer" to their questions, and that their hunger for spiritual reality will grow to the point where they are confronted with a decision to follow Jesus.