The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise the Lord for the Muslims that were exposed to the Gospel over the past holiday season. Some participated in a home gathering, others even attended a church service with friends. Pray that the seeds planted would yield fruit in His perfect timing.


Pray for "Faye", a local young woman, who has sought out several tentmaker ladies, and shows hunger for the truths of the Bible. Pray for her confidence to make the plunge of saving faith in Jesus.

Please pray for folks here as we have just heard the news of the death of a long time co-worker. He and his wife were returning to serve, after a holiday in their home country. He died suddenly. Ask that the Lord will give comfort to the family and all those here who love him. Ask that his death will be a testimony to nationals of the hope we have in Christ when we face death. Our assurance of being in Heaven is certain.

Remember Rebecca - in the past, she was very interested in spiritual things. Recently, she has avoided all contact with believers. Please pray for her to get involved again, despite painful family events.

Pray for a number of short term teams in their last week across different countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Ask God to use them in a special way to get God's Word to local people. Ask also for a powerful work in their lives that will bring many back for long term service.

Pray for locals Jason & Nancy as they move into their new home. They have asked to meet with local tentmakers to discuss some deeper issues.


Fred met Y at a local college's job fair he attended with his wife and a teammate. They were praying that the Lord would open the way to develop relationships with some of the men at the fair. Fred's wife, Laura, was introduced to a western woman who is married to a local man. In an amazing "God-incidence" (ed. 'God's providence), it soon came to light that this woman was Y's mom, K.

On a recent visit with Y and his wife, Y asked Fred how he responds when people ask if he is a Muslim, and whether he had talked about religion with locals. Y probed further to discover that Fred had spent time comparing the two faiths but pointed out that he was too busy to have done much investigation for himself.

Fred knew that Y had been asking K some questions about her faith. K had recently come into a relationship with the Lord Jesus and is growing in her faith. This opened an opportunity to invite Y to ask any questions he might have. He told Fred of a movie he had seen on his computer which said that Jesus would come back in the end and become a Muslim. Fred affirmed that yes, Jesus was coming back, but that the Injiil gives him a far greater role, for He said that He is the resurrection; not only did He raise people from the dead while on earth, but He would be the one to raise us in the resurrection, and even more, to judge the living and the dead. Pray that Y will ask more questions, and have the courage to discuss them with Fred, as well as his mother and his sister.