The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

December 5

Fulfillment in Christ


Praise God for the power of mass communications which breaks downs the geographical and religious barriers which have been raised by man. Pray for nationals in our country to respond to the Gospel message as it is communicated via legal forms of mass media, television, radio and printed articles. (Mark 13:10)


Pray for workers and for Christians who have the opportunity to visit with local people during the coming Eid (around 7-9 December). Pray for opportunities to talk about their faith in Christ, to tell stories of our great God and saviour and chances to demonstrate this gospel to those around them during this local festival. Pray that many Muslims would invite Christians to their homes during this time!

Another tent-making family have, in the last week, been told that they must leave. Our cry is LORD, please, enough! No more!! Yet we ask for God's will and peace for the family and the rest of the tentmaking community. God is refining those living in Q for His purposes and though our cry is, "why LORD?", we pray to stay focused to the task and calling that he has laid on all our hearts and lives. Please pray for this family.

I've recently met a family through my church. Their daughter works in a major city in our country. She is planning to marry a man that she met there. They are both believers. Pray for this couple to be a strong light in their work places and for blessing on their upcoming marriage. Pray that many that go to the Middle East will be believers with strong, transparent walks with Christ.

Pray for M & B, two locals who have been married 10 years and have had 3 miscarriages and no living child, that God will grant them a child. She has heard that her Christian neighbor is praying for her.

Ask that the Lord will be with the wives of men who are believers. Ask that the wives will come to know the Savior and grow in their walk.


The negative one...that is how I saw this 20 year old engineering student in his first year of college. We got talking and he seemed negative towards the traditions, the religion and to this country as a whole. I felt sorry for him. A prisoner of the system and he does not know how to become happy.

I regret that I did not share more of Jesus' love or take his contact details. Pray for him and youth like him who want change in their own lives. Pray that they will seek Jesus and will not seek fulfillment in a career, possessions or drugs. Pray that I will meet him again and share the Hope that is in Christ.