The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise God for the prayer team that came to our country recently to walk and talk with the Father in different places. It was a real encouragement having them here.


Pray for the impact and the message of Easter to be spread amongst the local people of our land and the entire Arabian Peninsula. Pray that through church programmes, Christians would be blessed and would share the message with their local friends and colleagues. Pray for Christians of all nationalities to be envisioned to talk and live out the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ with their neighbours, especially amongst locals.

Pray for outreach programs to villages in our country. Ask God for good connections and fruitful, lasting relationships to be formed.

Ask the Lord to help those in the north of one of the poorer countries in the region who are displaced due to unrest between tribes. Some of these people are able to go back to their homes but it is too late to plant for next year's crops. Ask that they will be provided for and that money given for their food, will get to them.

Pray that a new meeting schedule and place for local believers in our city will work well and encourage them to meet together. Ask that they will be concerned for one another, and be in touch with each other building each another up.


The closer we get to locals, the more we see the control of Satan in our region. One faithful MBB, "Adnan", shared that his brother was moving and shouting out in such a way as to realize that he was demon-possessed. Another Christian brother was asked to come to minister to Him.

When this brother arrived, the family brought along a Muslim Imam. They were concerned at the invitation of the Christian. As they began to interact together about this problem, the imam even suggested that the demon was a "Christian demon"! For his own shouting and shaking of the young man, the imam was asked to leave by the family, only for another to be brought. In the end, the young man seemed to return to his normal self, and the Christian was thanked for coming, even though he could only stand by the side and pray. Ask the Lord to bring freedom in Adnan's brother, not only a freedom from bondage, but also freedom in relationship with Jesus Christ.

mbb = a muslim who has become a follower of Christ