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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Hamad: "I just saw what an amazing gift God had given me in Jesus."

Hamad was introduced to a Western church many of us attend over a year ago through a Christian professor at the local university. Many people befriended Hamad, and he started asking questions. Somewhere in the process Hamad met teammate Brendan. Through much discussion and time together, Brendan asked him if anyone had ever asked him to study the Bible. When he responded no, Brendan asked him if he wanted to learn more about Jesus. His answer was an enthusiastic yes!

A few weeks later Hamad was thrown out of his house by his father because of a book that Brendan had given him about Jesus. Hamad stayed with his cousin for three days. Things calmed down enough for Hamad to return to his house, but something happened in his heart through that. At church the next Friday, he learned about the baptism that would be held later that day. He talked with church leaders all afternoon, and he trusted in Christ and was baptized all in the same day! He told Brendan later, "Brendan, I just saw what an amazing gift God had given me in Jesus. It's the greatest gift in the world! And I just couldn't say no to his gift anymore."

In December Hamad then had a powerful encounter with the Lord. "It was like God physically shook me awake," he recounted. "I felt God touching me all over, and I had this uncontrollable urge to pray for my family and friends that they would come to know Jesus." Just then, his dad came in the bedroom to check on him. Hamad started crying, repenting to him for arguing and having a hard heart toward him. His dad cried too, and it was a powerful time of reconciliation.

Hamad continues to grow in his faith and love for Jesus. He has spent time with a number of team members and prays fervently for his family and fellow countrymen to know the Lord.