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Salman: "She was so full of peace when she died."

Salman came to know Jesus through the death of his wife about a year and a half ago. He and his wife were in another country seeking medical help to treat his wife's cancer. While in the hospital Christians came to visit her in the hospital. They prayed for her and worshipped in the room. Salman said her face was filled with life and light, and she gave her heart to Jesus: "She was so full of peace when she died." Through all of this, Salman soon trusted in Christ for himself. When Salman returned home, he called the only Christian he knew... Brendan. He shared his pain and told of the last months of his wife's life. Since then, it has been a really difficult time. It's all he can do to make it through each day with work, raising his two sons alone, and grieving for his wife. There has not been a lot of opportunity to study the Scriptures with Salman as he lives with his brother and his family. He told Brendan awhile back, "you know they could have me killed if they knew I'd become a Christian."

He is content now to listen to scripture tapes in his car as he drives back and forth to work. And he has taken a great risk in enrolling his sons in a foreign Christian school so they can learn about Jesus. Please pray for Salman and his boys as they struggle to meet Jesus in the midst of grief, and as they try to sort out their identity in the face of fear of their family.