The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Remember his face


Thank the Lord for the influx of new tentmakers and evangelical believers all over the AP during these late summer months. This is a common time for new hiring of staff amongst local and expatriate companies. Ask the Lord for His mercy for each person and each family as they settle into their new life, work and ministry. Ask also that many will have a profound positive gospel effect on AP nationals from the beginning of life in their area.


Pray for Linda, the friend of a tentmaker, who immigrated to the West. Pray that she will experience the wonder and joy of truly getting to know the Lord.

It is exciting to see Asian and African believers coming to our country, joining with Westerners in reaching out to local Muslims with the Gospel. Pray for unity among all workers in a common heart for the lost.

Please remember some local converts in our land who have been working in radio production. Ask the Lord to inspire them in their work so that they may produce excellent material to be used in communicating to Muslims in the area.

There is a family who has two deaf children in our city. The children need schooling. Ask the Lord to provide a school for them.

Pray for those who serve the Lord who are in their final weeks of home leave right now. Pray that they will be able to share the vision for their work, with those they meet. Ask that the people at home will catch the vision and be willing to give more through prayer and finances. Pray that these workers will get the rest and spiritual nourishment that they need before going back to their jobs in hard places.


Last year, Brad took a trip to visit one of his ministry colleagues, Frank in a neighbouring country. During their time together, one of Frank's local friends dropped by the house. Brad was intrigued and yet puzzled at this encounter, as Frank encourage him to "remember" that face. Salam, a humble elderly saint, came just to be introduced and left the house without a word.

Presently, Frank told something of Salam's story. He had been a believer in Christ for 35 years far off from the city and had faithfully kept his faith despite living in a conservative Muslim village. After some time, he began to share the Gospel with his neighbours and friends. In time, this led to him teaching and studying the Bible with many. In the face of a fundamentalist faction in his village, Salam boldly shared the word of God.

The purpose of Salam's trip to the city on this occasion was to collect more Bibles to take back to the seekers and new believers with whom he continued to meet. Later that same day Brad, remembering that face, met Salam again, this time at a bustling taxi stand. In just a few moments, he handed over another bag of Bibles, greeted him in the name of the Lord and Salam got into a taxi with Bibles to head back to his community. The weathered face of this faithful saint, one of God's unsung heroes, would remain etched in Brad's mind for the rest of his life.