The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

August 13, 2009

Future encounters.


Praise God for the new leader of the Perspectives course here in our country. Ask God to bless his leadership and that of the program development team, and to continue to use this great program to raise up more workers for the harvest.


Please continue to pray for God to draw more believers - for Him to work in the lives of men and women to draw them to salvation in Christ, and also to network them to the existing small number of believers so that they can have brothers and sister from their own nation. Please continually lift up this request.

There has been increased fighting in the north. Ask that the fighting will stop. Ask for mercy and help for the displaced families.

Pray for the families of the victims of a fire in a wedding tent last weekend. Among the dead were at least 41 local women and children guests, and 76 others were injured according to the authorities. Ask for God's healing on the injured and comfort for the grieving. Ask that the suffering experienced in is tragedy would lead local families to the foot of the cross on which Christ Himself suffered for the world.

Pray that followers of Christ from an Islamic background will be prompted to witness to their own countrymen, and that tentmakers will set a bold and appropriate example for them in evangelism. Pray for wisdom for both tentmakers and MBBs in the face of Islamic and cultural persecution.

Many of our team members have family members in their home countries that are struggling or in serious trouble. When these huge types of events happen, it is difficult for families to be far away. Please pray for each of these extended families to know God's love, power and salvation in their lives. Pray also for peace and comfort to reign in the hearts of team members.


We met "Khalid" while he was enjoying a fruit cocktail in a shopping mall, his way to kill the time. His wife and children are a thousand kilometers away from him, visiting the family during the summer. He shared how he misses them. We talked about sin, but Khalid did not grasp that sin is a big problem. He is taught that God is merciful and that this is not a big problem in our relationship with Him. Pray that God will make Khalid aware that sin is unacceptable, and that mercy is not easy given. Pray that we can meet him again.