The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

A dream and healing


A number of our team mates are involved in teaching at a local university. Praise God for the many relationships and opportunities this has provided.


A number of our teammates had a chance to pray for a local man who has cancer. Please pray that God would heal him and that He would attribute the healing to Jesus' power.

Uplift the workers who are staying the summer here on the AP in the high temperatures. Pray for God's grace on these families, for special opportunities for ministry - without the busyness of the rest of the year. Pray also for quality family times and refreshment.

Pray for Yusuf who listened attentively to an explanation of what it means to trust in Jesus for salvation apart from works. He said he had read some of the Injil (New Testament) on the internet. Pray that the words of truth will give birth to understanding and new life.

Please remember one family who are hoping to return to our land after a break in their home country - pray for smooth processing of visas and entry. And for another family hoping to change over visas during the summer. For all of these - God's hand to be upon paperwork and for smooth processing and gaining of proper visas.

Pray for the food distribution to displaced people in our country. The logistics are in place and the food is being given out now. Ask that the distribution will go well and that the families will realize that there are people around the world who care for them and are concerned for them. Ask that we will be able to help them more, maybe through medical work or other services.

Do pray for a family from Asia who work in a city in the south. Their 10 year old daughter died this week from complications following an asthma attack. Pray for the father, mother & brother as they take her back to their home country for burial. Ask that the Lord will give comfort. Ask that He also helps her classmates and friends who are here.


It was thrilling to hear how God has made several clear advances into K's life. He had a dream in which he found peace within the community of Christians...he was visited by an angel and instantly healed of a sickness, and he heard the Lord calling him in the night, just like Samuel.

Now in his heart he is convinced that the Bible is the Word of God, but that he will be killed if people find out about this. Praise God for His intervention in K’s life and please pray that he will overcome his fears and find another local believer to fellowship with.