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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

December 8

Draw them

Background information: Eid al Adha, (also known as the Big Eid or the Feast of Sacrifice).

In the second year of the Islamic calendar, Mohammed created the Eid al Adha, a celebration remembering that Abraham sacrificed a ram rather than his son, redeeming Ishmael (rather than Isaac, as the Bible says) from death. This feast also celebrates the last day of the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. If people can afford it, they are to kill an animal on this day and share the meat of it, with the poor.

When asked if this sacrifice represents forgiveness of sins, many reply "no", though going on pilgrimage and following the 5 pillars of Islam are supposed to take away sins. Christians see Jesus as the true Adha, as his death was the sacrifice for sins.


Praise God for the opportunity that Eid al Adha presents to give greater understanding to Muslims on the AP about the cross and the power of the shed blood of Christ which so often is an offense and stumbling block. Pray for the work of cross to understood and accepted by many Muslims across the AP in these days following this Eid.


Family connections are very strong and important among Arabs. The strong relations have been seen as negative because seekers and new-believers are expelled or pressured through those family relations. Pray that God would use the family relations for the benefit of spreading the gospel, and that He will bring whole families to Himself.

Two weeks ago, there were demonstrations in the capital city over some political issues. Some people were hurt. Ask that the Lord will bring peace and that the people will be willing to work through differences in a peaceful manner.

Pray for unity among God's people in our country with an eagerness to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people. Pray that this unity would be present among the leaders as well as the people. (Ephesians 4:3)

Our prayer and cry is "Lord, please let this be enough". We are hurting so much in this transient world where contracts last 2 -3 years (at the most). Having our friends pushed out is breaking us. These people are our family and we have so few that we can share the burdens with.

Pray for a number of 'workers' who have recently (and others are about to) moved into new accommodation. Pray for openings into the neighborhoods around them, pray that God would use them for His kingdom in these new places, for opportunities amongst work colleagues and neighbours to talk about and demonstrate the Gospel of Christ.


The voice on the other end of the phone was laden with concern. It was the mother of one of Elton's local students. Ahmed had been sick for several days. He had been to see many doctors. However, there was no cure in sight. She wanted to make sure that he was not dismissed from the college due to his high absences. Elton assured her that he would enter the medical information on his attendance record to verify that the absences were legitimate.

Elton then said that he hoped that her son would get better and that he would pray for her son. Zahra's voice betrayed her keen interest in the prayers of a Christian, "yes, yes, please pray for Ahmed and pray for my family too!". Elton is looking forward to continuing his relationship with this family as God works through Ahmed’s illness to draw them to Himself.