The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise God for the prayer team that recently visited our country. Thank God for the opportunities they had to meet people. Ask God to continue to move in the places and situations that they encountered.


Please pray for "Ghazalah". She is an expat Muslim woman who has received a lot of help from many Christian friends in the last year. She suffers from depression which affects her work, and her relationship with her parents. She longs to be married but is dissatisfied with the 'caliber' of Muslim men that she meets. Pray that she would grab hold of the Gospel of truth which she has heard several times.

There is grieving as we mourn the loss of a long term worker, who died suddenly while traveling back to this region a few weeks ago. Do lift up his widow as she returned to her home country and has decided to stay there for a year. Ask that the Lord will comfort her and give her wisdom for the future. Also ask that nationals who grieve his passing will remember the stories that he told them and believe.

Pray also for children of national believers. Pray for the Word of Truth to be deeply sown in their lives. Pray for the fruit of salvation and commitment to Christ to come forth in each one in God's timing.

A local lady "Heidi" is seeking a deeper friendship with a worker here. Her attempts to get together with her new friend have been stalled & the fear is that Heidi will get discouraged & give up trying. Pray their friendship will grow, bond & deepen to discussing things of importance.


Allison's office has recently become a hub of activity for many of the Arab staff, especially since the arrival of a new office-mate, Amy. With her vivacious personality and inclusive spirit, Amy attracts others who continually drop by for coffee and conversation. Bouncing back and forth between Arabic and English, the discussions span from silly anecdotes to heartfelt times of sharing life's struggles. On one occasion, the topic of love came up. Relationships were discussed and old wounds started surfacing. The sentiment around the office was that love is just hard. It was at that point that Allison explained that she thought one couldn't really love unless they experienced the love of God first. Using the story of the prodigal son, she was able to share a picture of God's love. The reactions around the room varied among the other staff. Some seemed surprised with the story, others interested, and a few were disengaged. Throughout the various responses, it was encouraging to see for the first time they had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the God of grace.