The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

March 8, 2009



An elderly national follower of Christ, from an islamic background, Abu H., has found fellowship and the opportunity for further training this past fall. During the three previous years of his new life in Christ, he had been limited to teaching from satellite programs. He plans to be baptized later this month.


Ask that the Lord will help those who live in lonely places, places where there are no other or very few believers. Ask that He will minister to them in a special way.

Many workers in the field have their children serving with them. Please pray for all of the parents, that the Lord will be magnified to their children through their lives and service. Pray that the sacrifices that these families make will be richly rewarded in the lives of the children with the gift of deep, abiding faith.

Please pray for one of the new local believers, Fatima. She is struggling to really follow Jesus. Please pray that her passion for Him and His Word would grow.

Pray for new team-mates, Kristin & James, who will be coming this summer. Pray that the company that they intend to join will still be able to receive them and be a working platform from which they can minister.

Continue to pray for the workers in our land who need to find new accommodation - for God's provision for them and for a blessing on their new location and neighbours.


One day, one of our team mates was talking to her local friend who explained to her that there is a village nearby filled with deaf families. Children with other birth defects are also common in this place. These hardships are due to the intermarriage of first cousins and other close family members. It is a puzzle to us, "Why do they do this, even though it is serious risk to health? The tribal ties are so strong: fathers want to keep their wealth and their land within the family circle." Do pray that this age old custom will be broken and that families may come to trust "outsiders". As you remember these children with deafness and defects that are with them from the day they are born….feel the compassion of God’s heart for them and pray that they get the help that they need.