The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

March 31, 2009

The courts.


Praise God that local believers in our land are growing in depth and number.


It is heart-breaking to see how my local friend's life has turned out. She is divorced, lost her father to cancer and is struggling with behavioural issues with her daughter. Please pray that her awareness of her need for Jesus would grow amidst the suffering.

Do remember the families of believers and that the believers will have the courage to talk to their families about their faith. Ask that the wives of believers will come to Faith.

Please pray for a couple of local believers who need to find a new job. Both of them have been praying for a long time for this, but have been unable to move jobs. For both of them, moving jobs would greatly help their situations and would be a big blessing and encouragement to them. Please pray with us for a break through.

Please pray for two of my Arab friends, Dee and Harriet who have recently received an Arabic Children’s Bible upon the birth of a new child in each family. Pray that in each case, the whole family will read and believe.

Please pray for the Christian staff at a local hospital - that they will be an effective witness to the patients on a daily basis. We ask for more Christian medical people to come to our country.


"The father of choices" (translated name) is in trouble after hitting a pedestrian last month. The pedestrian's leg was broken and "the father" was sentenced by the courts to one year in prison (this will mean, among other things, a loss of job and no income for his family). We prayed in his presence for the situation for which he was thankful. Now, intercede that the Lord will use this situation to draw him and other members of his extended family to Himself. The process before a final decision is taken can take a month. He is now in the process to defend himself and get others involved who can help him.