The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Thank the Lord for all whom he has brought here to be a witness. Quite a number are leaving this summer as they see Him leading them back to their home countries. Ask that He will help to make their transitions smooth. Ask that those of us who stay, will be able to say the goodbyes that we need to say too, to these who have been like family to us.


Pray for a renewed desire for tentmakers and church leaders in our country to pray and work together for the Lord to reach locals.

Pray for Mohammed. His salvation appears very real, but he has gone back and forth with fellowship, probably due to fear of the consequences of his young faith. Pray for his consistency and growth.

Pray for the 150+ Perspectives students as they sort out what their "next steps" following the completion of the course across the land. One exciting next step offered is a follow-up course in the Fall known as "Encountering the World". Pray for classes to be formed with a good percentage of Perspectives students and that God will supply speakers as we work to equip people with tools and a mindset for reaching our "cousins".

The film Fitna produced by a Dutch politician clearly portrays verses in the Quran that encourage Muslims to use violence against non-Muslims and Muslim preachers who call fellow believers to use violence, interspersed with recent violent activities by Muslims. Pray that the Lord uses this movie to convince the Muslims that following the teachings of Jesus is the only real way to peace, both personally and as nation.


'Helen' is a national Muslim from our country. Recently she had the opportunity to talk with several individual Christian ladies about the differences in what they believe. After one of these conversations, Helen showed a particular interest in the Bible that they had been reading together, and asked if she could keep it to read This last week, she told me that she has been reading it with the purpose of proving her own beliefs. Please ask that the Holy Spirit would open her eyes to the truth of who Jesus is as she reads.