The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Praise for vacation time for a couple in our city who have had a very stressful few months. Pray for continued refreshment and renewal in future for these faithful servants.


Pray for Amy, one of the colleagues of a tentmaker in our city. It seems that God has put a special friendship between Amy and the tentmaker. Please pray for God to use this in a powerful way.

Please pray for an Asian pastor, new to our country. He is leading a fellowship with some of his native countrymen, training them to reach out with the gospel to local Arabs, and to disciple new believers.

Pray for those in more remote towns in our country. Pray for one non-western family trying to get visas for the husband and family in order to relocate there. Pray for God to open doors for them and that their paperwork would be processed without problems.

There is more fighting is in the north of our country. Ask that the differences will be solved through negotiations rather than fighting. Pray for a philosophical Muslim gentleman who spends hours at a time discussing the Bible and Quran with a worker here. Pray God will show him the foolishness of vain and beguiling arguments, and demonstrate that "we speak not with persuasive words of man's wisdom, but in the power of the Holy Spirit". Pray he will become a pillar of the church, an elder able to disciple other MBBs and spread the Truth.

NB: MBB= Follower of Christ from an Islamic background.


Recently, one of the workers in our country was speaking to a local believer. This dear brother spoke of his life as part of a very small religious minority. He summarized it well. He said "…Here, though life is different as believers in Christ, the handful of brothers and sisters are respected in the community". He said "Much of their testimony is not through our words…." In contrast to others around them, they do not lie, they do not use foul language or use God's name in vain, they do not take advantage of people or seek revenge, and they give respect to the poor and lowly.

One of his believer friends has a small shop with a large-shop competitor next door. His small shop gets more business, much more business. The neighbors ask why he would get more business with a smaller shop. He smiles and says (roughly translated) 'He gets the earth, we get heaven' meaning something like 'he gets the bigger shop, we get the work'. He feels blessed.