The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

May 18, 2009



Thank the Lord for some believers who are meeting together. Ask that trust will grow between them as they study the Word. Also ask that the Lord will be with one young believer who is facing much trouble from her family. Ask that she will be able to get her job back as her family has said that she cannot work.


Our local neighbours have been married for 10 years and have no children, only 3 miscarriages. We told them we are praying for her to have a baby, but now she is going to an alternative healer who will put some herbal ointment on her belly. I don't know if this would have a spiritual impact on her and if she gets pregnant that this healer will get the honour. Please pray that God will protect her from bad influence and that she will get pregnant but that God and Jesus will get the glory for it.

Please pray for a believing husband for a local believer in our city.

TV programs concerning the Truth are now easily available with satellite TV. Ask that people will watch them and learn about God.

Please pray for a book that is 95% finished, full of stories of God's amazing activities over the past dozen years in one Arab Muslim neighbourhood of the AP. It promises to be a source of real encouragement to those who are praying! Ask that it finishes well, and that the right publishing arrangements will come through.

Please pray for two of my Arabic friends, Dee and Harriet who have recently received an Arabic Children's Bible upon the birth of their new child. Pray that in each case, the whole family will read and believe.


As we watch God on the move, we have seen a number of family members come to faith. Two of the believers, Samatha and Emma, are cousins. Being close in age, the families have compared these women to each other their entire lives.These comparisons have created a rift in their relationship and a strong amount of distrust. It is sad to watch how Satan has taken advantage of this situation. Their dissention has affected both of their families and also the kingdom of God. It seems that their reconciliation is one of the keys in the furtherance of the gospel in our country. Please pray that God would break down walls of mistrust, hurt, and misunderstanding. Pray that God would instead build friendship, love, and respect between them.