The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

November 5



Thank God for an excellent consultation focused on the Arabian Peninsula. This gathering of some living internally and others advocating and providing resources from other parts of the world, ended with a new anticipation for an hour of salvation that may lay ahead. Pray for the leaders of the movement behind this meeting as they consider the best structure to adopt in the future.


There is a young man who believes, but his parents have great influence on him to recant. Already he has denied his faith to them, but continues to study and to learn from one who also believes. Ask that he will be an example of a good and obedient son to his parents. Ask that his life will be a witness to his family and that eventually they will ask to hear his witness.

We are praying for many more workers to come to this country in the coming year. Ask the Lord of the harvest to call and send many more to fill the many jobs that are available at the moment. We especially are asking for those with language skills, as well as the myriad of other gifts that will represent and display Christ to this nation.

At a campus outreach, another intern is teaming up with former interns to rejuvenate the ministry there. They're empowering the students to lead Bible study/community groups on their campuses. We've seen that the best person to reach a student for Christ is another student. Please pray for much fruit.

Pray that believers in our country will stand strong in their faith and share boldly the Good News of Christ with their family and friends. (Romans 1:16)

Pray that God will reach the leaders in government, business and family in our country so that they will open their doors for greater religious freedom and acceptance. (Prov 21:1)


This week is a significant time for one local believer, "Sameera". She is planning to get baptized. It should be an amazing celebration of what God has done and is doing. With a diversity of languages (Arabic, Farsi, and English) and cultures, we feel confident that Jesus will give us a taste of heaven as we worship and pray with our sister.

But, there is another part to this story. God has orchestrated it so that Sameera's son, eldest daughter, and cousin will all be attending. In recent years, all of them have put their hope in Jesus. It seems that a tsunami of faith is sweeping through the family. We believe that this baptism is a just a stepping stone in the process.

Please pray for this event and for the time after. Pray that God would protect of all involved. Pray that God would give Sameera’s family a renewed sense of vision. Pray that Sameera would be strengthened and many would come to faith due to her witness.