The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples


Well over a thousand local children heard the message that God loves them for the first time in their lives through the visiting theater group.


Please continue to pray for nationals in our land to come to faith in the living God through Jesus Christ. Pray for God's Word to be spread through all ways and channels (word of mouth and witness, satellite TV, the Word being available, internet sites etc). Pray for God to network new believers to existing believers for fellowship and encouragement. There are several workers who are working in a clinic in the country. They have been the victims of malicious rumors which are untrue. The local security department has asked that the clinic be closed, however, the government ministry, in charge of this clinic, is hesitating. The clinic is helping a segment of society that is very needy. It would be a shame for it to be closed but most importantly, “HIS” name must be hallowed by all concerned, the workers, security and local community. Ask that God be glorified through all of this. Pray for transformation of lives. There are a significant number of non-Arab Muslims coming to faith in our large city. Most of the new believers have very few people to disciple them. Strife and conflict are affecting the way these believers function inside and outside the church. Please pray for people and opportunities to disciple the new believers. Also that God will use His Spirit to bring peace and clarity into the lives and church of these new believers. Ahmed, although not yet a believer, is showing great interest, and is beginning investigative Bible studies with a tentmaker. Pray for Ahmed's salvation. Pray for the local church's relationship with local believers in our city. Pray that the church is wise in how it deals with them.


Gaining official recognition for Christian activities on campus in the AP is no easy task. The students at one campus are showing remarkable resilience and boldness in the face of failure. They are making an appeal to the university to have a recognized Christian Club on campus. This will be the fourth application that has been made at this university for such a club! The last three attempts, though supported by many students, were basically ignored by the administration.

Praise God that this time the application has been recognized and the students themselves have been called to meet with the Student Activities Director. They not sure what he wants to discuss, but it seems that their persistence is beginning to pay off. Though he is not a king, the Student Activities Officer is in a position of authority, let us join together now to pray, like Nehemiah, that God will put kindness in the heart of this man and grant the students success today in their application. Pray according to Proverbs that God will direct this man's heart like a watercourse wherever he pleases.