The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

Bless those who curse you


Praise God for the great time a worker enjoyed with Nancy and the group of girls at a wedding reception. Pray that they will be able to connect well with the "gang"and the closest friends from this group before their departure.


Pray for a mixed local/European family living in Europe, who have divorced. Pray that the Lord would draw each one to know Christ personally.

Continue to remember a young man who was detained about a month ago for his Faith. Ask that his physical needs be met and ask that the Father will give him courage, wisdom and tremendous peace.

Pray for M to stand firm in his newfound faith, and for perseverance in the face of pressure to return to Islam. Pray that this expatriate Arab returns good in turn of evil by blessing those who curse him, praying for those who mistreat him, and doing good to those who hate him.

Pray for workers who are now facing sickness or medical issues in our country. Pray for God's grace and healing and for provision of good doctors/specialists. Pray that the enemy would not reduce our effectiveness in this way. Pray for good health and the ability to sustain a ministry here in the Gulf.

Pray for the budding Farsi speaking (Iranian) church in our country, especially for a strong leader to come, who will spur growth and unity.


Last week, a group of people enjoyed a small outing, visiting the sights of our beautiful country. A couple of the women sat down near a group of ladies whose house was not too far away. They too, were enjoying the great view in the valley below them. Greetings were exchanged and in the course of time, religion, a common subject to talk about, came up. The ladies heard the story about a Man. Some of it sounded familiar to them, as in their holy book. He is mentioned, but we doubt that they have ever heard that this prophet is actually the Savior. Ask that this group of ladies will one day soon, believe.