The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

April 21, 2009

Doing business.


Thank God that the Dutch couple who were kidnapped have been released. Ask that the kidnappings which have been so common recently, will stop. Ask that the tribes will work out their problems in a peaceful manner.


A theatre group is coming this week to our area and bringing Good News to children. Ask that the children will be touched by the group and hear clearly about God's love for them.

As further family leaves - again by order of the government - we need someone to pick up the call to become involved in the labour camp ministry. These men are so badly treated and have so many needs that we cannot let this ministry die. Please pray that God will lay on the heart and equip the right person to be involved.

A group of Gulf workers will be meeting together from various countries later this week to discuss strategy in planting churches in the region. Please pray for God's direction and insights.

Pray that the many new students, most who are not-yet-Believers, will come to faith.

Please pray for H, a local female student who wants to improve her English. Some "workers" talked with her about marriage and destiny and responsibility. They told her that God does not want bad for people and that He is sad when He sees someone suffer. She said that the situation for women in Saudi is "dark". Please pray for the next conversations - that God’s love will shine and His plan for this woman's life will be clear. Pray that she will discover the Light.

There is a coastal area in our country which has a distant history in the slave trade. This spirit of slavery still rests over the land. Pray that Christ will set the people of this land free (Galatians 5:1).


Just imagine: you gave up your flourishing business, then devoted years in mission-bible schools and language training and finally sold your house for cash as start-up capital for a business in one of the most difficult countries on the AP. What a sacrifice?!!

This is the story of a dear brother here in Saudi. But now after many years of trials, the business just will not get started. This is the situation our brother faces and he has had to put a deadline on it. If there is no big change or a job offer that he can accept before May, he will leave the country. Please remember this brother and his family. Pray God will provide a way - pray that they are encouraged by His nearby presence and comfort.