The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

7 May, 2010

Reflect love.


Thank God that we heard of several families who are planning to come to our country after the summer. We need them.


Pray for Roy & Brenda as they continue to reach out to many around them. They have become the adopted grandparents for a young couple from the majority group. Praise God for the godly advice they have been able to provide to this couple regarding raising children.

Many here are studying and reading the Scriptures, but they do not understand what they are reading. Ask that they will find people who can help them. Ask that the Spirit will give them insight as they read.

We had a brother from an neighbouring country on a visit. He was surprised that so many local men joined their wives in the park. In his country, the men usually drop their wives and children off at the park while they go out with friends, or go home to watch TV or surf the internet. Thank God for those Arabs fathers who do want to build strong healthy relationships with their children. May they discover what it means that God uses the name of Father and His followers as children. Pray this will be very attractive to them and urge them to seek out our Father God.

After the event, I asked "Elizabeth" what she thought of hearing the Easter story. She said that when she heard it she almost cried because of how powerful it was! Pray that Elizabeth will have more opportunities to encounter our Powerful God.

Continue to pray for the 6 who are missing to be found and released. There is unconfirmed information that they are alive. Also pray that they will know God's presence and His peace.


At a local diwaniya (men's gathering), a young guy, Musa'ed, was present. Musa'ed is slightly mentally challenged, but with a good amount of sincerity and affection. Musa'ed has really taken to one of our tentmakers, and expressed it with a big hug. Musa'ed's father greatly appreciates the tentmaker too, because of his unabashed kindness to his son. Hmm . . . sounds like a sermon illustration: The Father loves those who love His Son.

Pray that both Musa'ed and his father will hear and understand the love of Jesus and His father, and come to know salvation. Pray also for many tentmakers in the Gulf, that they will reflect that love.