The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

31 August, 2011

Believe in the Son


Praise the Lord for all those who believe in the Son and live in the Arabian Peninsula. They come from the 7 nations of the AP as well as countless countries around the world. Ask that they will encourage one another and that their unity will be a witness to all around them.

Prayershort Video - Hajj 2011

With the end of Ramadan a few days ago, we now set our sites to the next major event on the Islamic calendar, the Hajj to Mecca (November 4 - 7). We would like for you to view the video,Hajj 2011 and start praying that Jesus would be made more and more known. Muslim pilgrims travel from all over the world to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. They seek forgiveness of sins, they seek to know God better, and may they seek the One who can truly forgive their sins, Jesus. On the PTAP website under the HAJJtab you can download the Hajj video as well as a 4 Day Prayer Guide. If you want to translate the Prayer Guide into another language please feel free to do that.


This is a time in which holidays are taken, usually spent in their original tribal village. The city dwellers go to these villages with mixed feelings. Some of the youth don't feel at home there anymore, some others feel the peer pressure and social control. We believe that God can use these mixed emotions to let people know that they are not at a place of peace in their life. Pray that God will utilize this Eid (festival at the end of Ramadan) to reveal to many that peace is only present in Him.

Pray that the perspectives which have led many into political protests in recent months will cross over into a bold freedom to believe in Christ and take a strong stand for Him.

The government in our area has sent some local teenage boys to study English in the United States and stay with American families for the summer. Some of the host families are believers and other believers may have had connections with these boys. Pray that these young boys have been drawn to Jesus as they see Him in the lives of those they were with this summer, and pray that connections can also be made for follow up with some of these boys back here in their home country.

Oman has one of the highest statistics for deaths from traffic accidents in the world per capita. By July of 2011 there were 531 deaths and 6,463 injuries. These are increasing significantly each year. Many families have members with permanent injuries or paralysis from high speed accidents. The government has increased safety awareness and monitoring efforts. Pray that parents will understand that children should be securely restrained in cars. Pray that the death rates will fall so that Omanis can live longer and have an opportunity to know the Way.

What will happen in our country? What will the future hold? Some in Yemen are very discouraged and they are afraid. Ask that this Ramadan & Eid (festival at the end of Ramadan), they will think more about their religion, that God will speak to them through visions and dreams. Ask that He will tell them how much He loves them, that He can wash away all fear if they follow Him through what Christ has done for them on the cross.