The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

30 April, 2010

The prodigal son.


Praise God that Jason & Leah completed their language study and have moved into a new home. Praise God for the significant friendships that they have and can build with their neighbours.


Many folks have copies of Scriptures. Pray especially for one man who is reading the Word with his friends. Ask that the Holy Spirit will speak to him as he reads. Ask that he and others will share what they have learned with those around them.

During one of the Easter events, my Arab friend, “Lina,” listened attentively to the Easter story. After listening, she asked a lot of questions and said it was the first time she ever heard the real story of Easter.   Pray that Lina will ponder what she has heard, and that this will set her heart to pursuing our amazing Jesus.

The International English Speaking Congregation is looking for a new pastor. Pray for God's leading to His chosen person/couple/family.

Pray for "Khalid", a young local man who loves to write stories in English. He is very expressive and many of his stories have a spiritual theme to them. Pray for wisdom for the tentmaker instructor at his college as he looks for ways to interject Gospel truths into their discussions.

Church planting is believed to be the biblical way to reach nations for Christ. One of the ways to achieve this is by forming teams who combine their gifts and talents to work together towards the goal of forming independent groups of believers, reaching their own people group with the Good News. Pray for a renewed vision among workers. Some have lost sight of their role in the church planting effort.


"Ahmed", a local student, came to his tentmaker professor at the beginning of class: "Sir, I've started reading the Bible.  I read in Luke about the prodigal son. I really like that story! 

"Yeah, that's a great story," the professor replied. "Did you catch the part at the end about the other son?"

"Yes," said Ahmed, "I did --- the one who was always there and had everything, but was resentful about his brother who came home."

"Exactly," added the professor. "The father said, ' We had to rejoice.' It's a beautiful picture of God's mercy."

Ahmed had also been reading in Genesis. Pray that conversations with his believing professor will continue, leading to Ahmed's salvation and growth.